Work Packages

WP1 Management (lead partner STFC) - management of project and development of sustainability plan

WP2 Dissemination, Training, and Outreach (lead partner Instruct) - training users of the WestLife VRE, supporting software developers, dissemination and outreach

WP3 Networking (lead partner CIRMMP) - communication with other infrastructures, data initiatives and science policy

WP4 Operation (lead partner Masaryk University) - provision hardware resources, based on state-of-the-art grid and cloud open source tools and frameworks

WP5 Support (lead partner Utrecht University) - build and operate the Virtual Research Environment web portal

WP6 Data management (lead partner STFC) - build a virtual folder view of scattered datasets, including provenance information

WP7 Joint research activities (lead partner CSIC) - developing new workflows and applying Big Data approaches